Organic argan oil 100% pure & natural

Organic argan oil 100% pure & natural

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Our argan oil certified by Ecocert is cold-pressed, the only method that guarantees all the vitamin E and essential fatty acids also known as vitamin Fare preserved.

The secret of argan oil lies in it ́s unique composition: argan oil contains more vitamin E in the form of highly active gamma-tocopherol than any other natural oil (73 mg/ 100ml). It is also high in antioxidants that fight and neutralise free radicals, the main cause of cell damage and ageing..

Use: Argan oil has excellent anti-wrinkle properties. It is revitalise for it’s firming, nourishing (hair and nails), protective (against the sun) and softening (oisturise) properties. It promotes healing and works against acne. Use in the morning and evening. Contains no dyes or preservatives. Suitable for all skin types. e 30 ml


Ingredienser: Argan oil rich in vitamin E and F (Argania spinosa kernel oil)