About us

Mimis use natural, sustainable, animal-friendly and non-toxic ingredients. Our products are suitable for everyone, but are especially suitable for those who are environmentally conscious and keen to take care of yourself.

Mimi's design and products are designed for Nordic taste, skin and hair. We have taken our inspiration from fantastic nature around the world, and our goal is that all that beauty should inspire you too!The very name «Mimis»comes from my nickname "Mimi" that my husband gave me when we got married 20 years ago. MIMIS beauty products owned and made by women!

Mitra Virani
is the down to earth founder of "Mimis"
As a young woman, she came from the Khorasan Province of Persia to Norway, where she has been living since 1988. She had her luggage full of good traditions from an area with a great wealth of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. Which led to natural medicine being preferred. As a young man, Mitra's grandfather was a proud owner of a small factory, which produced natural soap. Her father owned several pharmacies, where Mitra, as a teenager, got a summer job in the cosmetics department.

Mitra has always had many irons in the fire and has worked with several occupations in various industries. She started her career as a clinical assistant at the University of Oslo. For many years she worked in the nightlife industry in administration and as a staff manager. She has good experience from the real estate industry and has education in mac and web design.

What she has always carried with her in the luggage is the love of nature and well-being. She gets inspired by it when she creates new products for "mimis". She loves to bring to her closest what the best nature has to offer, from different parts of the world.

If there is anything Morocco, the "Maghreb" country in the west is known for, then there is argan oil. For Mitra, the argan oil adventure started well over 8 years ago when she and her family visited an argan oil factory in Morocco. The factory, which was established in 1872, now exports and sells argan oil to 17 countries in Europe and the rest of the world. She gained a good insight into the production itself and all the uses of the oil and entered into an agreement to produce its own products adapted to the Norwegian market. mimis customers, family and friends have been using the mimis beauty products for many years and are very satisfied.

Mitra has had a very loving relationship with goats since she was a kid. She loved spending time with the goats in the village where her grandfather had farming and was the village master.

After several trips to India, she decided to bring natural cashmere from the goats, which are located on the snow-capped mountains of Kashmir to Norway. They are made by the nomadic people in the same authentic way as thousands of years ago.

Her next dream is to bring silk from Kashmir to Norway. She has been working on the planning for a long time and the first collection is in production.