Organic argan edible oil / vegansk Argan Omega 3

Organic argan edible oil / vegansk Argan Omega 3

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Our argan oil is from the South of Morocco, the only place that produces organic argan oil in the world. The argan kernels are first roasted, producing an intense flavor and a distinct robust, nutty aroma..

Rich in omega-3 and with twice the anti-oxidants of olive oil, the culinary argan oil has many health benefits.

It can regulate the body’s blood cholesterol and also contains a high level of fatty acids which are used to improve heart functions. It is organic certified by Ecocert.

Mimis Edible Argan Oil was certified best testing by ITQI in 2007 and 2010.

Best used for dipping bread or for drizzling over vegetables or fish. Avoid exposure to high heat. e 100 ml


Ingredienser: Organic edible argan oil , certified Ecocert