Argan Oil


The Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) is a pure natural product that has a limited distribution in southwestern Morocco. Here you will find the tree along the coast from Sa and south to the border to Sahara. The tree also grows in the Sous Valley, and in the Algerian province of Tindouf.

An Argan tree is usually 8-10 meters high but can grow up to over 20 meters. The fruits of the tree are green or yellow, have thick peel and contain from 1 to 3 nuts. The nuts are brown and about 2 cm long. It is from the nuts themselves that the oil is extracted. This is done by peeling and grinding the nuts so that the oil is pressed out. The Argan tree is a very useful resource for the inhabitants of this part of Morocco, as the fruits are also used for cooking oil and goat feed. The hardwood from the trunk is often used for fuel and joinery work.

What is Argan Oil used for? Due to its high content of vitamin E and essential fatty acids such as linolenic acid, argan oil is a powerful natural product for skin, hair, nails and organs. The oil can be used as a moisturizer on the skin with good results. If you have scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, burns or deep acne scars, argan oil helps to reduce, relieve and rejuvenate this.

Argan oil is also a unique product for combating dry hair and improving the appearance and quality of hair. It can be used directly throughout the hair, or only in the dry tips. In all our products there will be a user guide. Your nails will also benefit from the use of Argan oil. Due to its high vitamin E content, it will strengthen porous, cracked nails.

Scientific studies have shown that the oil also reduces high cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is because the oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids, and thus has a much lower oxidation rate than the well-known olive oil.

The oil can also be used in salads and general cooking, or to dip the bread in. All our products contain only natural ingredients and can therefore be used on most skin types. There are both cosmetic products and pure organic products. The cosmetic products are intended for use on skin, hair and nails, while the organic products we have used for consumption, such as in cooking. All of our products can be used by both men and women, but we also have products that are specifically designed and customized for the individual gender, in terms of fragrance. This will then be stated in the table of contents.

The secret to Argan oil lies in its unique composition. Argan oil contains more vitamin E in the form of highly active gamma - tocopherol than any other natural oil (73 mg / 100 ml) - These are antioxidants that fight and neutralize free radicals, the main cause of cell damage and aging.

In recent years, the argan oil has become known worldwide. Our cosmetic argan oil, certified by Ecocert, is cold pressed. This method guarantees all vitamin E and essential fatty acids, also known as vitamin F.

Use a few drops on clean face, alone or as a serum! Argan oil is suitable for both oily and dry skin types because it balances the skin. If you have blended skin, this oil is spot on. Cleanse the skin morning and evening, then apply a few drops of the oil that you first warm up in your hands and then massage well into the skin. The oil is also well suited for mineral makeup substrates because the oil does not remain as a greasy layer on the skin but is easily absorbed. In addition, the oil is protective against free radicals. When you wake up after a night of Argan oil, you should not be surprised if you feel that your skin is renewed and saturated.

If you have small wounds or scars you will find that these gradually disappear completely or decrease. Argan oil is also a natural anti-aging agent, which reduces both wrinkles and lines. The oil has shown excellent results on acne, psoriasis, rashes and eczema. If you don't want to use oil on your face during the day, try it as a "night cream"! It does wonders for the skin regardless of skin type.