Wonder pure natural mask

Wonder pure natural mask

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Moroccan wonder pure natural mask is mined from deep beneath the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, it is 100% organic and mineral-rich. It is used in spas for skin and hair, and it is suitable for all skin and hair types.

Benefits of Moroccan Wonder Pure Natural Mask for the skin: Exfoliates dead cells, purifies and deeply cleanses pores, tightens large pores, improves skin texture, elasticity and clarity, reduces excess oil/sebum, prevents flaky skin and softens rough and dry skin.

Use: Apply to dry face, body and hair, leave for 10 minutes and then remove by washing with varm water. e 200 ml


Ingredienser: Argania spinosa extract * ( %50 ), Moroccan lava clay * ( % 45 ), Opuntia Tuna extract ( %4, 75 ) Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil ( % 0,25 )

* Issued from organic agriculture